Writing Unleashed

Writing Unleashed is a way of writing that helps you dive deep and explore to find your stories.

Have you ever seen a dog unleashed? She’s unfettered, unencumbered. Free to follow her nose from one beckoning scent to another, in a jagged line, constantly turning toward what’s most interesting.

The Writing Unleashed approach helps us free ourselves from the inner critic and the thinking mind. By putting pen to page and writing fast without stopping, we welcome what’s flowing through us without pause or judgement. We say “yes” to what’s in the moment and we allow it to flow onto the page. This is an intuition and discovery practice, a chance to unleash our deeper creativity onto the page.

From a prompt, we write for 15 minutes then read our work aloud. And we listen. No comments, no critiques, no discussion. We’ll do this for 3 rounds each class meeting.